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March 18, 2010

How to Repair or Replace Shoot Through Mesh on a Hunting Blind

Shoot Through Mesh on the 360 Ground Blind

Shoot Through Mesh on the 360 Ground Blind

As long as you follow the guidelines for shoot through mesh (no firearms or mechanical broadheads, etc.), your ground blind mesh should last a long time before it needs to be repaired or replaced. If the time finally comes when your mesh starts to wear out or become tattered, here are some tips for repairing or replacing the mesh.

Repair Tips:

The best way to repair minor holes in your shoot through mesh is to use nylon thread to sew the tear shut. Pull the thread tight to keep the mesh taut.

For a larger hole, use a small square of mesh to patch the hole. Sew the patch into the mesh and make sure the mesh stays taut.

If the hole is large enough or there are too many holes to patch, you may want to consider replacing the mesh rather than trying to repair it.

Replacement Tips:

For replacing mesh, you can either buy a mesh kit from a ground blind manufacturer or you can purchase camouflage mesh netting from an outdoor sporting goods store or a fabric store.

Use safety pins to attach the replacement mesh to the blind. Cut the old mesh out and attach the new mesh to the fabric of the zipper or to the hook-and-loop strip.

To make a gun slit, use one piece of mesh for the top of the window and one piece for the bottom of the window, letting the two pieces of mesh overlap several inches.

January 28, 2010

Tips for Hunting with Shoot Through Mesh

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Set up the blind with your back to the sun for the best view through the mesh.

Set up the blind with your back to the sun for the best view through the mesh.

Shoot through mesh has become a popular feature on portable ground blinds. It helps conceal the hunter without obscuring the hunter’s view.


Some hunters swear by the camouflage provided by shoot through mesh and others prefer to hunt without it. The shoot through mesh on most blinds, including KillZone blinds, is removable, so you can hunt whichever way you like or switch in the middle of a hunt.

When using the shoot through mesh, it’s best to set up your hunting blind so that your back is to the sun or your blind is in the shade. Direct sunlight shining on the mesh can make it hard to see outside, especially during sunrise or sunset.

If you’re shooting with a firearm, leave a corner section of the mesh open to allow room for the gun barrel to stick out the window. (Note: Some blinds also include horizontal slits in the mesh for gun barrels.)

Never shoot through the mesh with a firearm. It’s a fire hazard and will easily destroy the mesh. It also fills the blind with smoke.

Bowhunters can shoot directly through the mesh, except when using mechanical broadheads. These types of broadheads can open prematurely, mess up the accuracy of the shot, and leave gashes in the mesh. Only shoot through the mesh with fixed broadheads.

December 10, 2009

Shoot Through Mesh

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Hunting Blind with Shoot Through Mesh

Hunting Blind with Shoot Through Mesh

Shoot through mesh is available on most quality hunting blinds found on the market today. It’s a great way to stay hidden while setting up for the shot.


Knowing how to use (and how NOT to use) shoot through mesh can make the difference between a kill and a near miss. Here are some tips on hunting from a ground blind with shoot through mesh.

  1. Keep the mesh tight enough so that there are no wrinkles, but don’t make it tight enough to stretch.
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  3. Don’t shoot at steep angles. Try to shoot as straight through the mesh as possible.
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  5. Shooting through the mesh with a mechanical broadhead may cause it to deploy early and can greatly alter the arrow flight, especially at greater distances.
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  7. Fixed broadheads are recommended for use with shoot through mesh. According to an experiment done by American Hunter magazine at distances up to 25 yards, the shoot through mesh will not mess up your shot.
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  9. Practice shooting through the mesh to get comfortable with it before the hunt.
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  11. Some hunters just don’t like the idea of shooting through mesh. One way you can work around this is to let part of the mesh hang down, or you can always remove the mesh completely.
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  13. For firearms, take the mesh off the windows or, if there’s a slit in the mesh, stick the gun barrel through the slit. Don’t shoot through the mesh with a firearm unless the blind manufacturer specifically approves it. It creates a fire hazard, destroys the mesh, and fills the blind with smoke.