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January 5, 2012

New! KillZone Igloo 2X Ice Fishing Shelter for 6 People

Igloo 2X Shelter

New! KillZone Igloo 6-Person Ice Shelter

The bigger the party, the better! With the new KillZone Igloo 2X Ice Fishing Shelter, you can bring along the whole family, including the dog. This ice shelter is large enough to fit at least 6 people comfortably, along with plenty of ice fishing gear, snacks, and beverages.

The Igloo 2X ice tent has a heavy duty 600D poly shell that cuts the wind and keeps you warm. Features include an open floor, 2 doors (one on each end), 4 clear removable windows with shades, open flap vents, and a black-out interior that makes it easy to sight-fish down the hole. The lightweight redesigned steel hub system makes setup and take-down quick and easy. We include 10 auger stakes with 6 carabiner tie-downs and a zippered carry bag at no extra cost.


  • Fits 6-8 People
  • 72″ x 144″ Floor
  • 6 Removable Clear Windows and Shades Included
  • Carry Pack Included
  • 10 Auger-Style Stakes Included
  • Open Dimensions: 92″ Hub to Hub Across x 83″ Center Height
  • Folded Dimensions: 52″ L x 15″ W x 11″ H
  • 38lb Weight

December 27, 2011

Portable Ice Fishing Shelter Setup Tips

Portable Ice Shelter

A portable ice shelter keeps you warm even on cold, windy days.

Keep warm on the ice this winter with a portable ice fishing shelter! Here are some tips for setting up and using your portable shelter.

Drill your holes before setting up the ice shelter. Once you find where the fish are biting, you can drill a line of holes close together, within the width of your shelter. If you like to hop from hole to hole, use the shelter as your base camp and keep an eye on your tip-ups from the windows inside the shelter.

To set up your portable ice shelter, take it out of the bag, holding on to the poles with one hand. Let the poles drop to make four corners. With your foot holding down the tent skirt, pull up on the roof until it pops up. Then pop out the four sides of the shelter.

Move the shelter on top of your ice holes. We recommend positioning the side of the shelter with the door on the opposite side of the holes.

To keep the shelter in place and prevent drafts, scoop some fresh snow (not wet or slushy snow) around the edges of the tent skirt. On windy days, you’ll need to anchor the portable shelter in place with auger stakes. We recommend pre-drilling holes for the stakes to make it easier to screw them into the ice.

December 15, 2011

KillZone Ice Fishing Shelter Reviews

Ice fishing tent

"I recommend this product for anyone wanting an affordable ice shack that does what it promises."

“This ice shelter is exactly what I was looking for. The price on this was lower than the competition; and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find it better than some others I have looked at. It is very easy to set up and take down, but I would recommend using the ice anchors (included) or some form of weight on a windy day. Otherwise, you will find your tent blowing down the lake. Ha! The same can be said for any of the portable shelters on the market.

Note: You will find that (as advertised) there are some pin holes where you can see daylight where the threads are. If this bothers you, then don’t buy it, but to be honest it truly is trivial.”

– NHSportsman

“The KillZone is a very roomy and purposeful ice tent. It will take some ‘getting used to’ when setting it up by yourself. But it pops up quickly and easy to take down too. I would recommend bringing a cordless drill or hand-drill to pre-sink the holes as you will need to anchor it down during windy days. All this prep and set-up does take more time than a traditional flip-style ice shanty.

PROS- What you trade-off in true portability, you gain in extra room; ability to stand up and spread out are the advantages. The lighting inside is minimized so you can really see the holes and not spook the fish with daylight. Heats up nicely and holds heat well during sub-zero outings. I like the built in air vents that provide oxygen when running a propane heater. Can easily hold 2-3 persons plus gear; 4 might be a little tight.

CONS- You can’t ‘run and gun’ a bunch of holes and keep moving every 15 minutes; it’s too hard to set up each time. But if you want to plant yourself for a couple of hours, this is just fine. When heating, the walls tend to sweat and freeze up when you put it away, holding in moisture. Be sure to air it out before storing for the season. I am not fond of the removable plastic windows. Too hard to align properly and get a snug fit. Drilling the anchor holes can be a pain if you have a lot of snow. Harder to repack into the duffel when it’s dark outside and you’re in a hurry.

Overall, I recommend this product for anyone wanting an affordable ice shack that does what it promises. We’ll see how it holds up over a couple of seasons.”

– Review by Love to Fish in Minnesota

“I ordered this on a Wednesday and accepted the normal 3-5 day shipping time. It arrived exactly 48 hours after I had ordered it. I opened it up and it popped up within a minute. I did an inspection and there are no holes, the zipper worked and the shelter is very well constructed.

It is very spacious. You can easily stand up in it. It probably is about 6’5″ tall in the center.

I can hardly wait for the ice to freeze. I really want to get on the St. Croix and get some nice Smalley’s and Wally’s.”

– Grant

February 22, 2011

Sale! KillZone Igloo Ice Fishing Shelter

Ice fishing sale


The KillZone Igloo and Igloo XL ice fishing shelters are now on sale for one week only! These popular Igloo ice shelters keep you warm and out of the wind with heavy duty 600D poly walls. The lightweight hub system makes for a quick setup and take down process. Auger stakes are included to anchor down the shelter in windy conditions.

The Igloo model, now only $99, fits two fishermen with gear. The Igloo XL model, now only $139, fits three to four fishermen. Free shipping on orders to the lower 48 United States!

February 11, 2011

KillZone 2011 Ice Fishing Outing

We decided to break out of the office early and see where the fish were biting. The weather was a balmy 30 degrees, and even when the sun went down, we stayed warm and cozy in our Igloo ice fishing tents.

Here’s what we caught:

Blake's fish

Blake's fish

Esther's fish

Esther's fish

Becky's fish

Becky's fish

John's fish

John's fish

John and Kristi's fish

John and Kristi's fish

Tom getting ready to pull in a big one

Tom getting ready to pull in a big one

January 24, 2011

KillZone Igloo Ice Fishing Shelter Reviews

Ice fishing in the KillZone Igloo XL

Ice fishing in the KillZone Igloo XL

It’s prime ice fishing season, and KillZone customers are getting some good use out of their Igloo ice fishing tents. See below for what these customers have to say about the Igloo shelter, as posted on the forums at and

“I bought a KillZone the end of last year. I used it a couple of times before the ice broke. It worked fine; I think it is comparable to the Quick Fish tents. The last time I took it out to Strawberry there was a good wind and it took the wind just fine!”

“I’ve been fishing with a KillZone 2 person for 2 years now. I have nothing bad to say about it. For the price and weight it’s great. The bad part is always staking it down. Customer service there is great if you have a problem. I did break a rod for the hub but they replaced it for free. Holds heat well and the 2 man you can actually fish 3 in comfortably. If you want a hub style shanty, then the KillZone for the price is by far the best one you’re going to get.”

“I have had mine for one season. I used it around 10 times. It worked great on calm days; on windy days…I had to chase it once across the ice—it was my fault, not the shelter’s. So now if it is windy I take my cordless drill and some lag bolts and anchor the windward side and secure the skirt. It takes a little time but it is better than chasing it around the lake. I haven’t had any problems with seams or zippers. Hope this helps.”

“My buddy just got the little KillZone. It is a nice shack. The only thing I didn’t like was the lack of adjustable straps off the hubs. The holes in the skirt seemed to work fine for him to anchor with. The KillZone has more windows than the Cube. Big +.”

November 8, 2010

Portable Ice Shanty Reviews for Ice Fishing

The Igloo XL Portable Ice Shanty is roomy enough to fit four fishermen comfortably, with gear.

The Igloo XL Portable Ice Shanty is roomy enough to fit four fishermen comfortably, with gear.

Check out the reviews below for the KillZone Igloo© and Igloo XL© portable ice shelters.

“Shelter is lightweight, easy to set up and affordable! I was worried about quality but not after I used it! Dark color is helpful to attract heat from sun on a cold day. This buy was worth it! Will not know what an expensive shelter feels like while I can buy a KillZone!!”
– Kevin G.

“Purchased this from KillZone. Used it twice and love it. Easy set up and tear down (less than 5 min.) The fabric is fairly thick and it can black out pretty good with the window shades on. It comes with 8 ice stakes but I only used 1 on a day with 10-15 mph winds. No problems. Can’t beat the price. A comparable clam would cost $300. Good deal for the weekend warrior fisherman.”
– Craig Hoffman

“Bought these with two 2-man shanties at the same time. Put them to use immediately as rentals and personal use. Easy to use and quick to set up and tear down. Received them in 4 days and was fishing on Crystal Lake Michigan. Caught 5 white fish, 150 smelt, and 2 lake trout in three days (end of March), so these babies fed my family… Good job.”
– Richard Rineer

“Exactly how described. Enjoyed it for the first time this weekend…able to fit four people comfortably.”
– B. Bailey

“Killzone Igloo Ice shanty sets up just as quick as the Eskimo ice shanty.”
– Steven S.

“Very nice shanty; very easy to set up and break down.”
– Jaimey P.

“I bought the Igloo XL Shanty and I love it for its ease of use and because I can stand up in it and I am 6′-3″ tall. I would recommend it to anyone.”
– Scott S.

October 25, 2010

Ice Fishing Shelters Now in Stock

The Igloo and Igloo-XL ice fishing shelters keep you warm and out of the wind.

The Igloo and Igloo-XL ice fishing shelters keep you warm and out of the wind.

The KillZone Igloo© and Igloo-XL© ice fishing shelters are now in stock for the winter. Ice fishing season will be here before you know it! Make sure you’re ready with a portable ice shanty to keep you out of the wind and cold. The more comfortable you are while fishing, the longer you’ll be able to stay out.

A portable ice shelter is an inexpensive alternative to an ice house. You can easily move it from one spot to another or from one lake to another without the hassle of towing. A portable shelter is lightweight and small enough to fit on a sled or carry over your shoulder.

The updated 2011 model includes a heavy duty 600 denier polyester shell, four clear removable windows with shades, open flap vents, and a black-out interior to shield you from the glare of the sun on the ice and make it easier to see into the fishing holes. The lightweight hub design is reinforced for long life and resistance to strong winds. Setup and take-down is quick and easy with the pop-out roof and sides.

Eight auger stakes with carabiner tie-downs and a zippered carry bag are included with this package at no additional cost. The shelter and tie-downs fit neatly inside the bag for easy carrying.

The Igloo-XL© ice tent is roomy enough to fit up to four people. The 83″ center is tall enough to comfortably stand inside the tent. The Igloo© ice tent fits two people along with ice fishing gear and equipment. The 69″ center height offers a generous amount of head room, and the smaller structure is lower to the ground for better wind resistance.

January 5, 2010

KillZone Ice Fishing Pictures

No matter how cold it is outside, it’s always good ice fishing with the KillZone Ice Shelter. Below are pics from KillZone Hunting fans fishing from the Igloo XL.

KillZone ice fishing in the snow

KillZone ice fishing shelter

Ice fishing in the KillZone shelter

The catch

Got any ice fishing photos with the KillZone Igloo?
Send them our way at! We’ll even post them on the blog.

December 29, 2009

Portable Ice Fishing Shelters

A portable ice shelter keeps you warm and blocks the glare of sun on ice.

A portable ice shelter keeps you warm and blocks the glare of sun on ice.

It’s ice fishing season in the north country, and ice shelters are popping up all over the lakes. One of the best ways to stay warm and comfortable when fishing on the ice is to use a portable ice fishing shelter. Unless you’re one of the hardy types who moves from hole to hole with a bucket, an ice fishing shelter is the way to go. By keeping you out of the cold, it will keep you fishing longer.


There are two basic types of ice shelters: permanent and portable. The permanent kind usually require an ATV or truck to tow them out onto the ice. They can also get pretty expensive. A fully manufactured ice house—even a used one—can run well into the thousands. Building your own ice house is cheaper, but it takes time, labor, and know-how to do it right.

The easiest and most affordable option is a portable ice fishing shelter. You can find a quality ice shelter for well under $200. It’s light enough to carry onto the ice in a storage bag or on a sled (no towing needed).

It’s also the most convenient option because you can easily move the shelter from one spot to the next. An ice house, on the other hand, usually takes a lot more effort to move—that is, if it’s even possible.

Ice shelters are great for bringing along kids, family, and friends who may not enjoy sitting out on a bucket in the cold. The protection from the wind makes ice fishing enjoyable even in a stiff, cold wind. Even without a heat source, you’d be surprised how warm the tent alone can keep you.

Ice fishermen will also appreciate the blackout interior, which blocks the blinding glare of sun on ice and allows you to clearly see the fish swimming under the ice.

Portable ice tents come in all sizes, including single and double person tents, 4 person tents (one of the most popular sizes), and even up to 6 person tents. If you enjoy fishing with friends and family, you’ll want to get a large enough tent to fit everyone comfortably, along with all your ice fishing gear.

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