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February 28, 2013

Ground Blind Hunting Tips for Deer Season

Need some tips on hunting from a ground blind? Watch this video by John Stallone of The Hunting Channel Online to learn how to properly set up and place your ground blind for deer season.

1. Get your ground blind out early.

The earlier in the season you can set up your ground blind, the better. Unfortunately, if you hunt on public land, you probably won’t be allowed to leave your ground blind there. If you hunt on private land, get permission from the landowner in order to set up your ground blind at least a few days before the season opens.

Ground blind

Set up your ground blind early to allow deer to get used to it.

2. Place the ground blind off to one side.

Instead of placing your ground blind directly on the trail, place it off to one side. Why? One, because you’ll be setting yourself up for the perfect broadside shot. And two, because you don’t want the deer to be staring directly into your blind as they walk down the trail towards your setup.

3. Brush in the ground blind.

Although it takes extra time to brush in your ground blind, it’s worth the effort if you want to ensure that you’ll be invisible to deer. Brushing in your ground blind means gathering deadfall, branches, and other vegetation and attaching them to your blind using the brush loops. Use enough deadfall to camouflage the boxy or rounded outline of the ground blind, but make sure you can still see out the window and get off a clear shot.

4. Hide your silhouette.

Make sure deer can’t see your silhouette in the ground blind. Keep the window behind you closed for a black background. You can open two or even three windows as long as you have a dark background behind you to swallow your shadow.

5. Hide your scent.

Just like you spray down your clothing, boots, and hunting gear with an odor eliminator, spray down your ground blind as well. Better yet, leave your ground blind set up outdoors for a few days to let the “new ground blind” smell dissipate and allow the fabric to soak up the smell of the outdoors.

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