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September 15, 2009

Ghillie Suits Now Available at KillZone Hunting

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Blend in with your natural surroundings with a ghillie suit from KillZone Hunting!

Blend in with your natural surroundings
with a ghillie suit from KillZone Hunting!

KillZone Hunting Outfitters has announced the release of its new ghillie suit product line. The new product category includes ghillie ponchos, sniper ghillie suits, and full 3-piece ghillie suits for hunting, paintball, airsoft, and wilderness photography.


Ghillie suits allow hunters to get closer than ever to deer, turkeys, and other game without spooking the animals. They keep the hunter well camouflaged while hunting on the ground, on the move, or from a tree stand. Hunters who prefer a stalking technique over hunting from blinds or stands often wear ghillie suits to conceal themselves from their prey.

Ghillie suits allow paintball and airsoft players to remain incognito while sneaking up on the enemy in simulated combat games. They also allow wilderness photographers to get close-up photos of animals in their natural setting.

KillZone Hunting offers ghillie suits with leaf camo, desert camo, and woodland camo to blend in with any terrain. Each suit also includes a fire retardant spray mixture and extra jute strands that allow the user to customize the suit to a specific environment or activity.

The ghillie poncho is available in either woodland or desert camouflage. It’s a lightweight cover made from natural jute strands tied to a comfortable netting underlayment that easily slips over the user’s clothing with a universal fit.

The sniper ghillie suit is available in two sizes with a woodland camo pattern and includes a BDU tactical jacket, pants, and hat. This suit is also made from natural jute strands attached to netting. The BDU suit is made from a durable cotton/poly blend. The pants include 10 pockets and the button-up jacket includes 4 pockets.

The 3-piece ghillie suit is available in two sizes with woodland or leaf camo. This suit comes with a zippered net mesh jacket, net mesh pants with an adjustable drawstring, and a net mesh head covering. The natural jute strand material can be added or removed as needed.

For more information, see the full ghillie suit product description.

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